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IMC 5.1 in Topology View had wrong connection

Occasional Contributor

IMC 5.1 in Topology View had wrong connection

I use IMC 5.1 with A-Series switch. S5500 and V1910


after I add all switch and see in Topology view


their had wrong connection between each switch but in real physical no had this connection


I try to delete device and add it again but it still wrong




Physical connection:  MainSwitch --> V1910 Fl1

                                                             --> V1910 Fl2


In Topology View: It add link connection Between V1910 Fl1 and V1910 Fl2 directly.

Occasional Contributor

Re: IMC 5.1 in Topology View had wrong connection

Last time I try to up firmware v1910 to lastest firmware 5.20.1511


but it still make connection to another switch [real physical no connection]


in LLDP no this connection


please helps


Re: IMC 5.1 in Topology View had wrong connection



I don't have a definitive solution or an explanation of such issue, but alternatively you can manually delete the wrong links using the "Link Management" tool :


Open a custom topology and then click on the button LinkMgmtButton.JPG to open the Link Management tool.

Then a new window open in which you can manage (and so delete) some link (you can filter on some devices, interfaces ... using the query button) :



After having deleted some links, they appear as "deleted" link in the tool (so that you can manually recover them) :



Hope this helps,