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IMC 5.2

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IMC 5.2

I am able to add Procruve 5412 to my IMC, but when I open the "Open Device Panel"  none of the modules are shown.  


Is it possible for IMC to issue an alert when there is not software image is avaialbe for commware based and provision based switches.


Sorry, I am new to IMC.



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Re: IMC 5.2

Some devices don't have full device panels available. I don't know if the 5412 has everything or not.


Could you clarify the second question? I'm not quite sure what you're asking - what do you mean by "when there is not software image is available" ? 


IMC can manage the software images on Cisco and HP systems. You can either import an image from a device, using the LiveUpdate feature (only for some HP switches), or manually upload it yourself. 


But if there's no image loaded into IMC, then it's not going to create an alert about that.


Is there something else you're trying to do.