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IMC 7.0 and MSM430 APs

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IMC 7.0 and MSM430 APs



I am trying to get IMC 7.0 to recognize my MSM430 APs (there are about 40 working APs in my network). The MSM430 APs are seen as desktops and not as APs. Also IMC discovered them as ICMP not as SNMP devices. Tried with different SNMP versions - no success. IMC 7.0 successfully recognized other devices and Access Controller MSM720. I also have WSM module installed. I have Procurve and Comware switches in between APs and IMC.

How to force IMC to see my APs or to change device type? Any thoughts?

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Re: IMC 7.0 and MSM430 APs

Fit APs don't respond to SNMP. You manage them indirectly, through the controller. You should only need to discover the controllers, and then the APs should show up in the wireless mgmt part of IMC.