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IMC 7.1 Unable to Mange VLAN's on HP Switches

Occasional Contributor

IMC 7.1 Unable to Mange VLAN's on HP Switches

Hi Guys,

We have recently purchased IMC 7.1 to replace the ProCurve Manager that we had been using. I have configured the SSH settings for our HP Switches (password + super) and then ryn  a discover on one device. I am able to find the Device and it has added to the IMC but I am unable to Manage the VLAN's or Configuration.

When I run a check access I get a failure, but when I go to the device management page and check the SSH settings from the SSH Template and Test them on this page I get connection successfull. I am able to access the switch and manage it using the same username, password, port and IP Address that I have setup in IMC but I am not able to manage the VLANs or see detailed informaitonj (vendor or model) in the IMC.

Have I missed somthing out in the configuration of the sever or is there something else that I am missing?

Any suggestion or help would be excellent.

Kind Regards,

Tom Park

Honored Contributor

Re: IMC 7.1 Unable to Mange VLAN's on HP Switches

Sounds like SNMP is not configured correctly. You will need SNMP working on the switch, and configured within IMC for it to discover/manage VLANs.

Check the SNMP settings on the switch, and check what SNMP settings you've configured for that device in IMC. Fix those, then Synchronise the device in IMC, and it should pick up the model, VLANs, etc.