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IMC 7.2 E0403P06 released

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IMC 7.2 E0403P06 released

No new features, just bugfixes:

  1. When two cloud views point to each other's parent custom view, page errors occur.

  2. VRM does not support Windows Server 2012 R2.

  3. When an operator logs in to the backup IMC of an IMC system that has the primary and backup IMC licenses registered, the following message appears: Invalid license.

  4. The statuses of subviews of a custom view are not counted in determining the status of the custom view.

  5. The widgets on the dashboard cannot be refreshed.

  6. Sometimes the mail sending feature for auto backup plans is unavailable and users cannot receive mails.

  7. In RSM, the interface index displays No for all traps synchronized from the IMC platform through RESTful APIs, because the interface index attribute is not defined for trap parameter entities.

Download from here:

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Re: IMC 7.2 E0403P06 released

Bug fixes are good - so far not totally successful with 7.2 bringing forward 7.1 db and history.