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IMC 7.2 Map link display

Occasional Contributor

IMC 7.2 Map link display


I had a quick question on the way certain links are displayed on the map. I'd like to know if I can manipulate certain link color depending on the ifoperstatus. I have had IMC working for almost a year now and it works great! I was just looking to add better detail specifically to 4G links.

So basically one of my maps has over 70 routers that have 4G backup. I have 2 links graphically per router. One link going to a next hop router which will go red when the provider goes down and it works as intended. Then I have the other link going to a cloud(4G). This link is always green with the exception of 2 routers. In looking at the 2 which are red, it shows the admin status as up but ifoperstatus as down (This is actually good, I like that the map shows it this way as the link is not in use.) For the rest of the routers showing up as green links it is showing ifoperstatus as Dormant. This is also the link not in use, but when 4G is actually in use and the provider link is red the ifoperstatus is Up as expected. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to manipulate links that are ifoperstatus dormant to show up as red instead of green. I have been trying to play around with settings but can't seem to figure anything out really for it. It would be great to only have the 4G links always red when not in use and go green when they are actually being utilized. Has anyone configured something simliar or have any ideas how I can do this if possible?


Thanks in advance!