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IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

Occasional Advisor

IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

Hi guys,

I am trying to monitor some HyperV servers that are at another site, connected through VPN and doing NAT. I have been unable to add either WMI or PowerShell to monitor these from IMC, although I can access it remotely from the server where IMC is installed using powershell remote (Enter-PSSEssion) and WMI testing application. Powershell is configured for SSL with the appropriate certificate on both client and server.

The funny thing is that I am running wireshark from the server and whenever I tell IMC to test either WMI or Powershell, I see nothing going out. This is a single port server. It seems that both of these functions are "off" even when I try them out.

There is no firewall running or antivirus (lab environment).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


Occasional Advisor

Re: IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

On a side note, added APM module and WMI is working through there. Just not in the regular resource module (where it is needed for hyperv).