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IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

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IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

Hi guys,

I am trying to monitor some HyperV servers that are at another site, connected through VPN and doing NAT. I have been unable to add either WMI or PowerShell to monitor these from IMC, although I can access it remotely from the server where IMC is installed using powershell remote (Enter-PSSEssion) and WMI testing application. Powershell is configured for SSL with the appropriate certificate on both client and server.

The funny thing is that I am running wireshark from the server and whenever I tell IMC to test either WMI or Powershell, I see nothing going out. This is a single port server. It seems that both of these functions are "off" even when I try them out.

There is no firewall running or antivirus (lab environment).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

On a side note, added APM module and WMI is working through there. Just not in the regular resource module (where it is needed for hyperv).

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Re: IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

Did you ever have any luck with this?

I am trying to monitor CSV with iMC 

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Re: IMC 7.2 - PowerShell and WMI?

Jumping into this threat to give you my 2 cents;
I have been fighting a lot with this, long time ago. Note that I was using the WMI monitoring, not the PowerShell or SCVMM.
The major issue I had was my WMI object store corrupted (or incomplete) on the HyperV host. I have fixed this (by chance...) while doing a Windows upgrade.
So my lesson learnt was:
- Once you have installed the IMC VRM agent on the HyperV server, verify that the service user is able to read/view the entire WMI object store.
- do not forget to change the IMC host IP in the config file.
- on the IMC WMI configuration specify the same username and pwd than the VRM agent service user (to ensure that you have the same remote capabilites).
- the WMI Test function provided by IMC must work perfectly (it verifies the access and credentials).
- then click "synchronize" to trigger the discovery. The HyperV host and VM's should appear in the VRM tab. Note this is a HyperV view only.
- troubleshooting: verify that the IMC VRM agent logfile shows some information gathering (if none, the agent does not work).
- side note: the integration procedure mentions that we must install the LLDP agent provided in the IMC tool kit. I could never figure out what it is used for, as it provides very limited capability and the IMC VRM function works equally wether it is ON or OFF :|
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