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IMC 7.2 Service Menu Incomplete?

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IMC 7.2 Service Menu Incomplete?

I'm part way through an 80-switch migration and IMC would be great for management.

Most of the components deploy fine. I have discovered the switches, added them via SNMPv3 and SSH, can log in and monitor, change port and VLAN configurations, etc...

However, there are several features that are missing. For example, I cannot deploy CLI scripts. I cannot save the software or upgrade switches.

The Intelligent Configuration Center is not deploying.





The error output and fail logs can be found here:!jglH0KDA!tk9YFKDwvuW2Pu1ZpPbuvA4c38RuGf2bJHwACii8Yqg

In the meantime, I have uninstalled version 7.2 and am in the midst of downloading 7.1. Once I have uninstalled 7.2, I will replace it and update with any other issues.

The server is Windows Server 2012 R2 with 8 GB of RAM.

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Re: IMC 7.2 Service Menu Incomplete?

I've seen something along those lines with one of the 7.x versions. It sorted itself out after patching. Did you apply the current 7.2 patches to that system?

Can't look at the logs, because it (A) wants to run Flash, and (B) the site doesn't support Safari. 

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Re: IMC 7.2 Service Menu Incomplete?

It will  deploy after upgrade from 7.1 successfully. Deploy the patches as well. 

The error log you sent is from the slave deploy. Error is 

Fail reason: Performing deployment or upgrade on the master server failed. For details, see the log on the master server.

You are also getting the same on VLAN mgmt. 

So need to check the main server if  you have a distributed deployment. Is that the case?