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IMC 7.2, no WSM - warnings from WLC

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IMC 7.2, no WSM - warnings from WLC

Hi guys,

I have some questions regarding my IMC 7.2 Std setup, without WSM:

- I added my HP850 wireless controller to IMC, but I get a LOT of warnings and I can't figure out what is causing these. Is it because I don't have the WSM plugin and support for wireless devices is limited without it? (alarms in screenshot) .The cause seems to be a faulty source sending the events.

- When I send PDF reports, I can't see text and it asks me to install a font family. Is there a way to 'change' the fonts used, I want to be able to open it on an IOS device (iPad, iPhone) for quick analysis but I can't install a font family there.

Kind regards!


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Re: IMC 7.2, no WSM - warnings from WLC

Those alarms are not because you don't have WSM. They're because by default IMC will warn you if it receives a large number of SNMP traps from one IP. It looks like your controller is sending a lot of traps. You can either change IMC to not complain about high levels of SNMP traps, or you could reconfigure the controller to not send so many traps. 

You're not going to get much useful information in IMC about your wireless network without WSM. You'll be able to see that the controller is running, but that's about it. If that's OK, you don't need WSM. If you want to monitor more of the wireless network, you'll need WSM.