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IMC 7.3 Creating a report with all connected devices having a specific SysName (via LLDP)

Honored Contributor

IMC 7.3 Creating a report with all connected devices having a specific SysName (via LLDP)

Hi all,

is there a way to instruct the IMC to create a report with a list containing all the devices connected to all of our IMC managed Switches filtered for a particular property (let's say all the Cisco IP terminal connected)

Scenario: we have deployed a lot of Cisco IP Phones (discovered via LLDP) distributed on each one of our access Switches so we want to list them all to create an specific assets list...all those devices show up with the same SysName ("Cisco IP Phone 7841"), example on a device connected to port 45 of one of our managed Aruba 2540 PoE+ switches:

aruba-127# show lldp info remote-device 45

 LLDP Remote Device Information Detail

  Local Port   : 45
  ChassisType  : local
  ChassisId    : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  PortType     : local
  PortId       : Port 1
  SysName      : Cisco IP Phone 7841
  System Descr : sip78xx.12-1-1-12.loads
  PortDescr    :
  Pvid         :

  System Capabilities Supported  : telephone
  System Capabilities Enabled    : telephone

  Remote Management Address
     Type    : ipv4
     Address :

  Local Port   : 45
  ChassisType  : network-address
  ChassisId    :
  PortType     : local
  PortId       : yyyyyyyyyyyyy:P1
  SysName      : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  System Descr : Cisco IP Phone 7841, V1, sip78xx.12-1-1-12.loads
  PortDescr    : SW PORT
  Pvid         :

  System Capabilities Supported  : bridge, telephone
  System Capabilities Enabled    : bridge, telephone

  Remote Management Address
     Type    : ipv4
     Address :

  MED Information Detail
    EndpointClass          :Class3
    Media Policy Vlan id   :1000
    Media Policy Priority  :5
    Media Policy Dscp      :46
    Media Policy Tagged    :True
    Poe Device Type        :PD
    Power Requested        :3.6 W
    Power Source           :From PSE
    Power Priority         :Unknown

  Poe Plus Information Detail

    Poe Device Type           : Type2 PD
    Power Source              : Only PSE
    Power Priority            : Unknown
    PD Requested Power Value  : 3.6 Watts
    PSE Allocated Power Value : 3.6 Watts

Would be great to find a way to create a list of all of them (I wrote about SysName as a potential filter...just because I see it's something all those devices shares clearly).

Any hints? thanks in advance.