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IMC 7.3 How to receive system warnings/errors?

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IMC 7.3 How to receive system warnings/errors?

I use HPE IMC 7.3 to monitor/manage our Aruba of our Aruba 5400R zl2 suddenly suffered a crash on a Module (it recovered automatically going offline then online again): IMC didn't receive any info other than signalling than physical interfaces Up in that module were found Down...what we missed in terms of Switch SNMPv3 configuration? I supposed Switches send all informations to IMC or should I've setup send logging to it too?
Is there a guide to learn what/where to enable (Switch side, IMC side) to let the IMC to receive all possible informations from registered Switches?
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Re: IMC 7.3 How to receive system warnings/errors?

Did you get anything into the log of the switch itself?

If it is the case you can ask the switch to forward the log as SNMPv3 traps. 

Enter the command:

snmpv3 targetaddress <target name> params <params name> <IP address> filter not-info

Look into the aruba SNMP access and security guide for the meaning of the parameters.