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IMC 7.3 - can't trigger performance threshold alarms

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IMC 7.3 - can't trigger performance threshold alarms

I've got IMC 7.3 (E0506) running on Windows Server 2012R2, monitoring several HPE & Aruba switches and a few Linux boxes.

I've added CPU usage, memory usage, and interface inbound & outbound bandwidth usage percentage monitors to each of the devices. I can see that data is being recorded correctly by the monitors.

I have several performance monitors (bandwidth and memory) that are consistently well above the threshold values, but none of them trigger any alarms. Alarms work correctly from other sources (traps, syslog, etc.).

I've tried setting device-specific threshold settings, I've tried changing the "repeat times" to 1, and the "interval" to 30 seconds to make the alarming as sensitive as possible, but still no alarms.

Any ideas as to what I might be missing? Is there some global setting to enable alarms from performance monitors?

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Re: IMC 7.3 - can't trigger performance threshold alarms

Hi Max,

please go to:

Alarm =>Trap Management => Trap to Alarm

check on the second page if NMS Performance rule is enabled (there are several other trap tp alarm rules too, you might want to enable)

if not enable it, and restart the imcfaultdm process (iDMA Process tab, reightclick on imcfaultdm, stop and start


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Re: IMC 7.3 - can't trigger performance threshold alarms

Thanks for the reply mschrein2.

The NMS Performance rule is enabled.

At the moment the issue appears to be fixed. I updated IMC to P09 and rebooted the server. Initially, this didn't seem to fix anything, but after cancelling the performance monitors and re-adding them (which I'd previously tried before the update but without success), I am now seeing performance alarms as expected.