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IMC 7.3 with SQL 2019? or 2017?

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IMC 7.3 with SQL 2019? or 2017?

In the documents that I have found SQL server 2019 or 2017 has not been listed in the list of supported software, but I was wondering if anyone has tried an installation of IMC 7.3 (preferably E0703 or closest to it) with these newer SQL editions and if they work well or not. 

Thank you!

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Re: IMC 7.3 with SQL 2019? or 2017?

Hi! the HPE IMC 7.3 (E0703) Release Notes document lists Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise edition (deployed on Windows platform only) as a supported DB record about Microsoft SQL Server 2019 because it will be officially released by Microsoft in H2 2019 (probably 2019/11) it's totally normal is not actually listed among supported DB engines for HPE IMC.