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IMC 7 and MSM WLAN Controller

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IMC 7 and MSM WLAN Controller



our Customer has got 2 Sites.

Site1  has got 1 WLAN Controller MSM760 with Software Version 6.2

Site2 has got 2 WLAN Controller MSM760 in Team with Software Version 6.2


The WLAN Controller from Site1 could be added to the IMC without any issues and is shown in WSM

the WLAN Controller Team from Site2 could be added and is shown as Wireless but is not added to the WSM.

the IMC is registered in Management->Management-Console and shows connected to .....:7668 from the MSM.


I removed and added the WLC many time, bute the error is the same. I also tried to add the WLC's without teaming but the problem persits.


i hope someone has got any hints.


kind regards




Re: IMC 7 and MSM WLAN Controller

We are experiencing a similar issue. We have a 3 team MSM760 cluster and it is no longer showing in WLAN module, but it is showing as a managed wireless device in IMC.


We have a support case logged and escalated with HP at the moment so are awaiting an answer.


One item advised is that usual SNMP info collection is fine but the issue may be the WLAN SNMP parts are taking too long to come through. Advised to up the SNMP timeout on the but that didn't help us.


Let me know if you crack it.


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Re: IMC 7 and MSM WLAN Controller


Did you finally get a solution?

I want to add my Controller Team address in IMC, but no AP appears when I do that.

If I put the AC as individual AC, everything is fine except that this is not a team.