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IMC .71 backup restore -> Failed to connect to database

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IMC .71 backup restore -> Failed to connect to database


Because of a server failure we had to re-install a new Windows Server and restore the IMC backups but I ran into some serious problems. Done so far;

  • Installed Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Installed SQL 2012 Express (the exact same version as on the faulted server)
  • Installed IMC 7.1 with the exact same binaries as on the faulted server
  • Tested that IMC worked fine and I was able to log on to an empty / vanilla IMC
  • Restored the IMC backup from the old server using IMC Management Agent Environment-tab "Restore" -> Local
  • After the restore completed successfully the Process tab jserver says Failed to connect to database

I have tried browsing through tons of websites and all possible config-xml:s and checked all the database passwords with pwdmgr but no success,

Any help would be HIGLY appreciated!