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IMC BYOD Guest Sevice issue

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IMC BYOD Guest Sevice issue

We have a Wireless solution with HP WX 5004 and an IMC platform for BYOD access.


I configured  IMC for guest access. One condition for this configuration is not give to guest an "autoregister" access, the creation of the account shall be made by the recepcionist.


When a new guest start the connection for the WIFI SSID, he will be associated to a onboarding VLAN (2132) and must be redirected for IMC Portal.  Then the guest must write the user/password and if it´s correct the IMC changes the VLAN of this user depending of the device of connection (VLAN 2133 for PC or VLAN 2134 for mobile).



Once the user/device is authenticated,  it´s disconnected for the  for WIFI and reconnected in the new VLAN.


The issue of the solution occurs when a guest connects to the SSID and it's redirected to the portal,  if this guest do not enter your username/password and   off the WIFI, when he's connected again, the device directly enters the VLAN Service (2133 or 2134) without asking the password.


I disabled in IMC  "MAC transparent authentication" in User>User Access Policy>Service Parameters>System Settings>User Endpoint Settings


Also, I uncheck the option "Transparent authentication on portal Endpoints" for the Access services, in User > User Access Policy > Access Service > Access Service Details.


Does anyone know how to fully disable "Transparent authentication" for endpoints?

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Re: IMC BYOD Guest Sevice issue

Hi Jorge,


What version of IMC UAM are you running? This should be working on v7.1 E0302...



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