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IMC - Baseline against template? Large amount of switches....

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IMC - Baseline against template? Large amount of switches....

Hi question about baseline configs...

We have about 800 access switches deployed at different times by different people and we are trying to figure out if we can compare the deployed config against a switch config template configured in IMC. I'm not an IMC wizard but compliance centre doesn't seem to have this ability.

Or maybe set a global baseline config, my understanding is that baseline config is device specific which means we would need to check 800 switch configs before baselining.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: IMC - Baseline against template? Large amount of switches....


Have you tried the Configuration Center > Configuration Compare feature? This lets you compare backed up running/startup configurations easily from two or more devices and only requires having config backups from the devices.

Baseline config is per-device as you said, and the first running and startup configurations you backup to IMC automatically become the baseline for that device. This feature is intended to track changes which have been made after the baseline was taken. The baseline can be changed to any backup file from that device. However that will not help with comparisons between multiple devices, which is what the Configuration Compare is for.

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Re: IMC - Baseline against template? Large amount of switches....

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the suggestion. The problem with configuration compare is that you have to add multiple devices one by one, even in advanced mode you cannot add all devices, you have to add one then bring the list up again and add another. This is still a manual process of compare and fix and could be easily done with something like notepad++. With 800 odd switches I was hoping for something more automated, similar to a compliance policy. As far as I can work out, compliance policy will only check certain config is there or that certain config is not there. I could add line by line an advanced match pattern for the entire baseline config but I would have to know config that I dont want and thats not really possible without already going through all the swtiches. This might be possible with some scripting but not my domain!