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IMC Business Service Performance (BSP)

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IMC Business Service Performance (BSP)


Please help me to clarify what Workload, Healt and Availability means in BSP and how they calculated?

Thanks in advance.


Re: IMC Business Service Performance (BSP)


You can find the calculation methods under 'Calculating service scores' from page 3 of the Administration guide.


Workload scores
Factors in workload score calculation include:
 Network devices—Monitor indexes include CPU usage, memory usage, and interface input/output bandwidth usage.
 Hosts—Monitor indexes include CPU usage, physical memory usage, virtual/switch memory usage, and delay.
 Applications—Monitor indexes vary by service application.

Health scores
Factors in health score calculation include:
 Network devices/Hosts/Applications—Alarm level and alarm quantity.
 NQA instances—Network link status, which is obtained from SHM.

Availability scores
Factors in availability score calculation include:
 Network devices—Availability score. If the device is pinged, the availability score for the device is 100. If the device cannot be pinged, the score is 0.
 Hosts/Applications—Availability status, which can be Available, Inaccessible, Unavailable, and Unmanaged


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