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IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

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IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

Good afternoon to everybody
My HP - IMC - intelligent management center, does authenticate a connection Telnet in switch Cisco SG500X,

The connection is rejected, (refused) despite all the correct configurations in the switch.

You know because




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Re: IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

I'm not sure if the Small Business switches are supported by IMC or not.


There's probably a way to make them work though - it depends what the CLI interface looks like.  When you login to the switch manually, does it look like regular IOS? Or is it quite different?


Where do you see this "Connection Refused" message? When you are trying to do a Backup?


If it is during a backup, could you try running the backup again, and then get us a copy of <IMC>/server/conf/log/imccfgbakdm*? (Look for the latest version of imccfgbakdm).


Also, as a check, can you login to the IMC server (via RDP or SSH, depending on if it's Windows or Linux), and then try manually running "telnet x.x.x.x", where "x.x.x.x" is the IP of one of these switches. Does that work?

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Re: IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

Yes, when I do the Telnet manually for a PC usually works, and SSH also works for IMC.
I am thinking IMC does not work well with SG500X.
The problem occurs when I send Synchronize command of IMC with the Cisco, and the message is seen in the Cisco
I am work on this problem for long time
Thanks by the help.

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Re: IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

When you do a "Synchronise", IMC will log into the switch to run a couple of commands. Those commands probably won't work with the SG500X, but it should at least succeed with the login.


What "Login Type" do you have set in IMC for that device? SSH or Telnet? Do you have the correct credentials in IMC, under "Modify Telnet Settings", or "Modify SSH Settings" ?


If you are using SSH, and you click on "Telnet/SSH Proxy", are you able to connect to the device, and login, using the saved password?


If you are using Telnet, have you tried using Wireshark on the IMC server, to see what traffic is going between the IMC server and the switch? What credentials does it use?


Can you please post the EXACT error message that you see on the switch?


Can you login to the IMC server (onto the actual server, NOT the web interface), and login to the switch via Telnet or SSH, run some simple commands (e.g. show run) and post the entire session output here? I've never seen the CLI for those devices, so I'd like to get an idea of what it looks like. 


Is there anything else that you've found so far in your troubleshooting, that might be relevant?

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Re: IMC D'onto working Cisco SG500x-24p

There has not worked .
I telnet to the server from the IMC or any other PC for Cisco , but the software can not IMC .
There are some settings in Cisco talves there is the problem , or IMC uses another port , but it sure is using Telnet .
Below the settings in Cisco that I did not quite understand .
IMC in my users is: admin and the password is 1234
Thanks for the help .

CISCO - SG500X - 1 ( config- line) #
the execute an EXEC -level command
enable Enable password checking on enable privilege level
end Exit from configure mode
exec -timeout Set the EXEC timeout in minutes and seconds
exit Exit from current context
help Description of the interactive help system
history Enable and control the command history function
login Enable password checking on login
Negate the command
password Set the password .
CISCO - SG500X - 1 ( config- line) #