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IMC Installation

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IMC Installation

Hello !

Anyone got any problems with the SQL Express installation of 3Com IMC ? I got two problems :

1) On a Windows 2003 server the installation goes fine, but i cannot come by the SA password deploying the database. It always comes out with " SQl connection error . chck your SA password is right " and ... it is !

2) On an Windows XP the installation fails with the SQL express . I can install a SQL server 2008 express, but then i come to the SA password error ..

Any solutions ?

Best regards Robert

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Re: IMC Installation

I ran into the exact same problem when iMC with SQL express. There are a few places to to check and make sure all is ok because they can cause the same issue. But there was one step in the SQL installation/config guide where I didn't follow the instructions exactly.

Most places to verify have to do with using local accounts, verifying password, making sure TCPIP and Names Pipes are selected as part of the configuration and also enabling TCPIP protocol for the SQL server instance name. If there are multiple NIC's in the PC then make sure you verify they are enabled as part of the TCPIP protcol in the SQL configuration manager. Also make sure you enable if you are looking to manage everything from the same PC SQL is installed on

Basically the issue I messed up on was not using the default database name/instance. There was 1 step/screen in the iMC installation guide that I missed. I selected "named" instance instead of "default" instance but gave this "Named" instance the same default name of "SQLEXPRESS". This ended up being the problem.

After about an hour I removed SQL Express and went through the intsall a 2nd time. But more carefully this time. Selected "Default" per the instructions and all went well.

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Re: IMC Installation

Try this

Start -> Run->


sp_password @old = null, @new = '3commypwd', @loginame ='sa'


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Re: IMC Installation

Exactly. The sql instance name has be the same that is pointed out on the installation manual.

Also you must to check for the TCP/IP protocol being enabled as stated by Luckycharms.