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IMC L2 VPN Manager - HP 5500 will not import


IMC L2 VPN Manager - HP 5500 will not import



I wonder if somebody on here has come across this before... I have an installation of IMC 7.1 with version 7.1 of the MVM module which includes the Layer 2 VPN Manager.


At this stage, I have 5 devices setup in IMC, two Comware 7 HP 12910's, two Comware 7 HP 5900's and a single Comware 5 HP 5500. The topology is a fully meshed star with the 12910's configured as MPLS "P" Routers and the 5900/5500's confiugred as MPLS "PE" routers.


MPLS, MPLS LDP and MPLS L2VPN is enabled on each of the "PE" Routers and I have successfully imported ALL devices into the MPLS Management Module and the MPLS L3 VPN Manager Module. The problem is with the MPLS L2 VPN Manager, the HP 5500 simply will not import even though its confguration is more or less identical to that of the 5900's which import fine!? When trying to import the 5500 as a "PE" Router within the L2 VPN Manager I get an error statung that it is not a L2 VPN device.... Attached is a screenshot of the problem.


If anyone out there has seen this before please get in touch, the issue is raised with HP Support however I want to cover all possible angles.






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Re: IMC L2 VPN Manager - HP 5500 will not import



I have a same problem .


Do you find any solution to solve this problem?



Thanks in Advance