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IMC Logs

Hello all,


maybe someone can help me out on this, because I can't find any info about this on documentation or internet in general.


I have an IMC 7.1 installed and running.


Working well and authenticating users as it should.


However I'm having serious issues about the logging it generates, which is feeling up my server disks, to the point of compromising the operating system working process.


Can anyone point me the solution for this?


The logging that uses more disk space is the ms-chap-v2 and I have to go there manually from time to time and delete older files.


How can I do this, or configure this, to be something automatic, or keep lesser files?


Thank you in advance

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Re: IMC Logs

a couple of places that will affect this;


User > User Access Policy > Service Parameters > System Settings > System Paramerers,  in  user data management parameters, check Access Details Lifetime and Log Lifetime settings - I think default is 30 days. Adjust down if you have a lot of users.


User > User Access Policy > Service Parameters > System Settings  > UAM System Operation Log Parameters make sure your log level is not set to debug. Might want to raise it up higher even if all is good.

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Re: IMC Logs

I'm going to check that.


In the meantime I have a support case open for several days now, and still no reply.


Thank you



PS: After testing it worked like a charm. Thank you. The second one did the trick.