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IMC Lost all Devices

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IMC Lost all Devices

Our IMC server has seem to lost all devices.  I noticed over about a two week period, some devices were missing.  I re-ran discovery on the networks and it imported those devices, however, the follow week, those devices were missing agian.  I didn't check it for a couple of more weeks, and now I have no devices at all.


What could be possibly causing this issue?


There are no database problems that I know of or errors being generated by SQL server.


Also, it seems a lot of the non-SNMP devices have failed to import and I can't bring those devices back into IMC.  It says "Failed to access drvice "XX.XX.XX.XX(XX.XX.XX.XX)".

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Re: IMC Lost all Devices

I'd be going through the audit logs with a fine-toothed comb, to see if it gives any clues.


Regarding non-SNMP devices, when running discovery, are you discovering them with the option for "Discover non-SNMP devices" ? (Or whatever the option is, going from memory here). That error sounds like what I would expect if it's trying to discover devices using SNMP, and not getting a response, so discarding the device.