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IMC NTA 5.2 VPN Traffic Analysis

Occasional Contributor

IMC NTA 5.2 VPN Traffic Analysis



I am trying to configure a NTA VPN Traffic Analysis task to monitor traffic through a VPN, but I can't see any traffic data.


I followed the steps in the NTA 5.2 configuration guide but I am not sure about the sflow related configuration that I have to configure on the A-series device. The guide says:


"You must enable network flow data on the devices for the VPNs you want to monitor and report on".


I have enabled sflow globally and on the MPLS interfaces but I can't find a command to enable sflow for the VPNs I want to monitor as the guide says (can't find any mpls sflow related command).


Does anyone has configured a VPN Traffc Analysis task and could tell me how to do it?