IMC - No Netflow data received in NTA

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IMC - No Netflow data received in NTA


I am testing out HPE IMC and the NTA Module. Running version iMC PLAT 7.3(E0705P06) and iMC NTA 7.3(E0507). 

I have tried adding different Cisco-clients running netflow V9 and port UDP 2055 and followed this guide (Added port 2055 under server configuration):, but no data is showing under Interface Traffic Analysis - Task. 

I have verified that port UDP 2055 is reaching the server in Wireshark.

Also tried all suggestions mentioned on the following page, but still no luck. No NetFlow data on the NTA/UBA server (

When it comes to 2 and 3 in the link above, there is no data at all in the data folders and the receivedfile.txt does not exist. 

IMC also has a folder under Program Files named imcdata. I notice that a database named unbaslave_db11  and unbaslave_db_log01 is updating and has the exact same size. (Around 270MB).

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

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Re: IMC - No Netflow data received in NTA


You can find logs for NTA under iMC\unba\log folder, which contains the data receiver and processor logs, and the general NTA log can be found under iMC\unbam\log folder. The logs can be a bit hard to interpret, but it might help to look through them. I'd also suggest testing if it works with the 'standard' port for Netflow v9 in iMC, UDP 9020.

Otherwise it's probably best to open an HPE Support case for this, so that we can take a deeper look at the setup.

Note there's also a more detailed guide on setting up NTA with Netflow in particular that you can find here,

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