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IMC - No neighbors in neighbor topology

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IMC - No neighbors in neighbor topology

Hi All,

I've implemented IMC ver 3.2 in a client's network some time ago. A month after the autodiscovery has been launched there are still several switches (4500G, 5500PWR and 5500) that are not linked with the core (S7903E) at the Layer 2 Topology were others switches do. I've also seen that the switches that are shown in a isolated way at the L2 topology doesn't have any neighbor at the Neighbor Topology.

The funny thing is that the config is mostly identical at all switches in the network. All devices are discovered through SNMP by the IMC server without any issue and all the devices also has NDP enabled.

Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance


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Re: IMC - No neighbors in neighbor topology

Did you check the CDP or LLDP on the switches.

Might not be an IMC issue but a LLDP issue.