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IMC : Power supply status

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IMC : Power supply status


I need some help to setup monitoring of the power supplies in HPE switches and routers (3600/5800/12500/MSR30).   The 3600 have secondary power via their DC input from an RPS.  I am open to any approach that helps obtain a similar result.

We are not setup to respond to alerts so having reports that are run periodically works better for us.   The goal is to idendify the devices that are reporting a power supply that is not installed or deactive.  I am trying to prevent a power supply failure from occuring and not being noticed for an extended period.  

The power supply status OID is:

Responses are:   active(1), deactive(2) and not-install(3)

The MSR OID has x=0

The switches start the OID with x=1 and it can increase or jump depending on the number of power supplies and if the switches are using IRF.

An SNMP walk in IMC using as the starting OID and as the end OID brings back the proper results.   For instance an IRF stack of two 3600s shows the status of four power supplies (the AC and DC power supply for each switch).

I tried to set this up in in the global index settings using the configuration below, but with mixed results.   Not all the power supplies show up.  For instance the 3600 only has one entry when it resolves.

Type  -  [index1[0]:power:1:0]

Instance Label (Definition OID)  -

Formula  -

Appreciate any help.