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IMC Redeem 50 node License

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IMC Redeem 50 node License

Hi all;

Seeing how HP Support has not given me the time of day since submitting my CASE# 5315380997, Nov 30th, and are 100% useless people, I thought I would ask the community.

I wanted to redeem my 50 node license. I sign into MyInsught..bla bla bla, jump through and fill out numerous times the same information on multiple web pages trying to navigate to get my license. (another horrible website experience)

The last part I get to, it asks "what BASE product do you have?"  HMMMMM WTF??

Apparently I have to choose the BASE product, and the problem starts. There are ONLY 4 choices:

The four choices I am given, as per my initial Case Submission:

5011-5143 Base Software for IMC Std Edition

5011-5144 "" '' '' '' Ent Edition



When I go to MY Internal IMC "login" page so I can get my Serial Number (also required on this page), My Product Number is: JG747AAE.

When I log into my IMC and go to "About" IMC Platform is (JG747AAE) Version (E0403P10)

When I bought this *****, I paid for JG747AAE!! Am I supposed to know what HP was thinking, or have some special insider information...*****.

So...what BASE Product do I have?? WTF is 5011-5143 or JD814A ??? NO I am NOT going to do  search for it. HP can do that. They are the ones that dreamed up these numbers in the first place,

There is no correlation between what I have and the choices you give me.

Or...does it really matter what BASE I have....I just want to add a license to it. What I thought would be a brain dead simple process is as usuall, turing into a **bleep**ing nightmare.


From Beyond Frustrated with HP/HPE crappy website, crappy support, and the fact you need an active support contract for BIOS updates and bug/patch fixes that they themselves (HP?HPE) created. 

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Re: IMC Redeem 50 node License

I understand your fusteration.  I went through the same thing with HP.  The base serial number found on the Login page of your local IMC client does not work on the HP licensing portal (for me it didn't).  To get the base serial number, go to the My Network portal, click on My Licenses, then View Licenses.  You should have a JF377A (or something similar depending on the product you purchased.  Mine is JF377A because we purcahsed IMC when it was being distributed by 100 nodes.).  Highlight the Base Software Serial Number, and that is what you need to plug into the licensing portal.  When I selected the base product when registering the license, It didn't matter which one I chose and long as it was the Standard and not Enterprise).

That's the issue I had.  Just sharing my 2 cents.

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Re: IMC Redeem 50 node License

I did manage to get this sorted. But I had to call support, have them look at the ticket that was created many days ago.

Then yes, she pointed me to where they have burried this information in the bowels of the license portal. All they really needed to do was give a tid bit more information to prevent this from happening to anyone. "This is how you discopver your base product number"....bla bla bla.. SIMPLE!! 

Another agrivating point is that ALL documentation about thier licenseing is from 2009, BEFORE the split. At lease the PDF that I managed to find. So trying to solve this on your own is impossable because of totally outdated information and links that no longer point you in the right direction. time.....should I choose to carry on with IMC,  will be easier. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

HP/HPE is falling apart at the seams.