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IMC Report for Interface Cable Length (virtual-cable-test)

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IMC Report for Interface Cable Length (virtual-cable-test)

I'd like to view a report in IMC of all interfaces that have cabel lengths longer than 90 meters with our 5500-HI's. I'm not sure if Intelligent Analysis Reporter is required or not (can't tell as I don't have it). Has anyone done this before or know how it can be done?

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Re: IMC Report for Interface Cable Length (virtual-cable-test)

My understanding is that those tests are run on-demand, and may be disruptive. So it will not be a simple OID that you can just poll, and get a result. Do you know if there is any method of triggering a test via SNMP?

I suspect that you'll need to write a script that logs into the switch, and runs the commands to run the tests. It should be easy enough to figure out how do do this using IMC's capabilities for running scripts on devices. That will give you a whole lot of text output, which you'll need to parse to format. Should be straightforward to do.

You'll need to figure out how to deal with possible network disruption caused by the tests. If it is disruptive, it may knock out the port you're logged into the switch via, and so will break your script.