IMC Roadmap - Renewal season


IMC Roadmap - Renewal season

We are in the process of looking at our contract renewal's and curious if anyone has heard of the IMC Roadmap. For the past few years our vendor keeps telling us IMC is dead and that HPE says we should move to Airwave for all of our switch, wireless management.  I like IMC and don't really want to give it up, but the 1 year maintenance support for IMC costs more than Airwave and Clearpass combined for the same term. A lot more, and just wondering if it is worth the costs. This year I'm going to have to increase my licenses as well.

A little background we have 3 monitoring tools used in this priority order, IMC, PRTG (3rd Party) and Airwave. The last two are really in passive monitoring mode.

I use PRTG for two things, major alarm notifications and the fact that it doesn't average the raw data overtime, meaning I can pull an interface bandwidth reading from 2 years ago and get that exact reading. No other product I've found can do that, as they begin to average the raw data within 7 to 30 days. After a year the dataset is so averaged that it become useless in my industry.

Airwave, while it can do wireless mangement and switching as well, it still doesn't appear it supports 3rd party devices or straight SNMP devices. This would include our UPS's, storage etc.

So, with that, I expect to renewal all 3 for another year, but was just wondering what others were thinking or doing.


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after Aruba has been merged to HPE few years ago, they came to the HPE family with their own management products (Airwave and Clearpass) and the keep develop and sell them. Airwave is the perfect solution for wireless products and Clearpass with its endless capabilities to granulate the authentication is more than radius/tacacs server. Having this in mind they are direct compatator to two iMC modules - WSM (Wireless Service Manager) and UAM (User Authentication Manager), but only this. Don't forget, that these two modules are only small part of the iMC portfolio, it supports additional may be 15 - 20 modules (I don't know the exact numbers by heart), everty module can be added to the main iMC platform (a license for this should be bought).

You don't need to be concerned about the iMC future - this product will persist. Don't forgen the fact that new releases are coming every 3-4 months, iMC is still getting developed!

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Re: IMC Roadmap - Renewal season

We have requested a Road Map from our account manager for years, it just never happens! Sad.

We know that the release cycle is about 6 month but what bug fixes or new features can we expect in the next versions?