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IMC Server has multiple Schannel Event 36887 errors

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IMC Server has multiple Schannel Event 36887 errors

The server is Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

The HPE IMC server is running version 7.0 and has started producing endless Schannel errors in the system event log sometimes as much as 90 entries per minute. I'm not exactly sure when this started as this has just been reported by the Network team as it's a server that falls under their responsibility.

It appears to be a HPE IMC specific problem as there are no other systems in the environment reporting similar issues.

Has anyone seen this before or currently experiencing a similar issue?

Any feedback would be welcomed.





Re: IMC Server has multiple Schannel Event 36887 errors


Could it be that you are running into this issue?

It can be resolved by running the MSKBsC.exe from the IMC 7.3 E0605 download on your IMC and DB servers and removing the ciphers when prompted.

Additionally, note that IMC still requires TLS 1.0 to function. Could be that you/the AD admin have turned it off on the domain level?

PS. IMC 7.0 is very old, I would highly recommend upgrading (step by step) to a newer version. For example 7.3 E0605.

Hope that helps.

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