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IMC Standard (JG747AAE) as virtual stacking

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IMC Standard (JG747AAE) as virtual stacking

Hi all
It´s my first time here in the HPE Forum and I would like to know if someone can support me on the subject below:
IMC Standard (JG747AAE) monitoring plataform.
Can I consider that after IMC implementation all my switches ( 1920 Switch Series) will be working under de same IP address as a "virtual stacking" ? If not , there is a solution/ configuration where all my 30 switches ( 1920 Switch Series) can work/manage under the same ip address as a virtual stacking structure?

Thanks a lot 

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Re: IMC Standard (JG747AAE) as virtual stacking


Did you try to add using virtual stack ip

I have experience with IRF and VSF stacks, those can manage using single ip because those technologies are working with fabric

Try with stack ip, if it is not working you have to add all switches using invidual ip's

good luck...

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Re: IMC Standard (JG747AAE) as virtual stacking

What you call Virtual Stacking is "Clustering" for Management purposes only, so is "Stacking for Management" (so IRF and VSF, IMHO, are here out-of-scope).

Said so...just to be clear...are you asking if you can manage through your HPE IMC your entire stack of thirdy HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switches using the (Stack) Master IP Address as you do when you connect via Web Management on the Stack Master device?

If you are looking for that...the HPE IMC is able to manage the stack(ed) devices through accessing the Master device via the (Custom-> Open) Stack Topology.

More on the HPE Intelligent Management Center v7.2 Enterprise and Standard Platform Administrator Guide and also on the HPE Intelligent Management Center Getting Started Guide.