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Re: IMC Switch Backup

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IMC Switch Backup

What is the reason IMC will not backup the radius-server key. On all of my switch backups (which is nightly) it is missing in the running and startup configurations. Anyone?

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Re: IMC Switch Backup

I've always assumed it to be a security feature, as there are other credentialed items missing. Its been that way for quite some time.

I don't seem to see any place to turn it off though. And the snmp V1/v2 strings are still there. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: IMC Switch Backup

Thanks for the info. I agree. I noticed that my snmpv3 passwords are also missing.

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Re: IMC Switch Backup

Passwords, SSH key, Radius key and other security information are stored on flash and not on config file per default.

If you have a hp procurve/aruba switch enter the command "include-credentials" and they will be stored in the config file.

I dont know for other switch technologies.