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IMC Telnet problem


I'm using iMC PLAT 7.3

Im having a problem with Telneting to devices and its not just that one HP device particullarly its all of them and when using the iMC. The problem is when im telneting using the Telnet/SSH Proxy function, the session loads and asks me for my password to enter it. When i enter the password, sometimes its like nothing happens and i didn't even put anything and other times it gives me an invalid password( and i know that im using the right password ). I even tried to use different encdoings but all in vain.

My only problem is that atm i can only use telnet to access my devices.


Can someone please help or have any revalent information that may help ?



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Re: IMC Telnet problem

Is the problem specifically with the Telnet/SSH proxy or with IMCs ability to Telnet to the device in general?  Otherwise if you go to a device's device details page (select the device from device view) then expand the configure menu in the right-hand menus - select modify telnet settings - then hit test... does it pass.

If it's specific to the telnet/ssh proxy, I expect it may be a java issue, that function used to be a java applet at least, it may not be now, not in front of a system to check.  If it's just the proxy I'd try a different browser just to see if it's different, and/or a different PC to see if it's specific to the client.

If it does not pass the test described above... they it's likely one of the following:

  • inpropper username/pass configured for telnet settings in IMC for the device (the window described above where the test is done)
  • ACL or restriction on the switch or a firewall preventing IMC from accessing the device on the telnet port
  • Telnet disabled on the device/switch
  • Firewall on the IMC server

If it fails the test andd you run out of things to check, install and run wireshark on the IMC server, filter on "telnet" and maybe ip.addr == <the IP of the device you test>  then run a packet trace while you test.  You can see the telnet session more clearly if you right click one of the packets involved in the telnet session and select "follow TCP stream" (something close to that anyway... from memory).  That will show you the interaction between IMC and the device in a more readable view.  You can also check the logs on the switch to see if there were any auth errors etc.