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IMC User admin$IMCWS

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IMC User admin$IMCWS

Hello, who can give me any information about User admin$imcws. I think it could be a build in user? Second question: This user makes a autonatic login to imc . Why and where can i stop this.?

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Re: IMC User admin$IMCWS

Did you find out an answer to your question? I have a bit different problem. Before I changed the default password for admin account at IMC this user was automatically able to login. After password was changed from default one this user gets authentication failures.

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Re: IMC User admin$IMCWS

I found same problem at:

"Cause Analysis

The cause of this problem is the secondary development on the site through the soap interface ( webservice interface ). The front-end login password has changed, but the password configured at the time of development has not been changed, causing this problem.


Contact the custom developer and change the password to log in to the platform in the background."

Does anyone know how to change the admin password in the background?