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IMC V7.01 (303P06) - Slow

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IMC V7.01 (303P06) - Slow

Hi All


Is the setmen.bat and heap size still applicable to new Ver 7.01?


I looked in the Admin Guide and neither are mentioned.


The reason I ask is that I have a new install on Hyper V and it is pretty slow to respond when navigating through the IMC.


Is there any specifics I need to adddress with a Virtual install?


I have 8GB of RAM allocated to IMC. 



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Re: IMC V7.01 (303P06) - Slow

don't think so. I didn't see them in the deployment guides:


HP Intelligent Management Center v7.1 Centralized Deployment Guide with Local Database


HP Intelligent Management Center v7.1 MySQL 5.6 Installation and Configuration Guide (Windows)


There is a sizing section in the first doc, and adjustements to the mySQL server config in the second.


I have larger values set for some of the memory related settings, and also runnning the server @12gb w it showing a running value of 10gb in the performance monitor.  It seems happier than when I was running at 8





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Re: IMC V7.01 (303P06) - Slow

Thanks Neil,


I will take a look at these