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IMC + WSM = number of licence ?

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IMC + WSM = number of licence ?

(First of all, please excuse me for my english ..).
I just have a question about IMC and the module WSM.

If I order the IMC software with 50 nodes (to manage 45 switches) with a WSM module with 100 nodes (to manage about 70 Aruba IAP205/305), do I have to upgrade my IMC to 100 nodes or is it Completely independent?

thank you for your reply.


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Re: IMC + WSM = number of licence ?

IMC licensing is based on the number of managed (in fact discovered) IP address, whereas WSM licensing is based on the number of authenticated users.

However the wireless controller must be managed by IMC, which means at least 1 IP address for it.

In the case of IAP you need to include in IMC the AP acting as "wireless controller", as well as any other AP which can assume a "controller fallback role" (which can be any of the others). I do not know if you can "predict which AP will be the backup in case of failure of the primary one (probably a good question to ask in the aruba forum).

So, in your case you have potential licenses for 4 more IAPs (I assume that each switch has nomore than 1 managed address + 1 for IMC/WSM itself), so you can include your primary IAP controller, and 3 best IAP candidates for backup roles. You must configured all of them as "Acces Devices".

As far as WSM you can afford to authenticate up to 100 users in any combination of 802.1X, BYOD, centralysed MAC Auth, etc).

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PS: Your english is fine :)






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Re: IMC + WSM = number of licence ?

Oops I'm sorry. I have mixed up in my mind UAM and WSM :(    (I need some vacation).

So as far as IMC you need a licence address for the IAP(s) acting as controller(s) and and 1 WSM licence for all of them.

So you should be fine with your 100 licenses.

Sorry again for the confusion.



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Re: IMC + WSM = number of licence ?

Yes users are managed by UAM if you want them to use IMC as the authentication function - these are licensed separately.