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IMC and Cisco Firmware Updates

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IMC and Cisco Firmware Updates

Hey all,

As per the headline I am looking to see if anyone has successfully completed and installation of software via IMC to a CISCO device.

Our example is using IMC 7.3 and trying to update a Cisco 2960 device. We have enabled SSH etc. on the cisco device and can detect the device with IMC and have the information being pulled from the device. We are also able to backup the config from the 2960 using IMC.

When trying to apply an update (we are just trying to copy the file to begin with) we receive a transfer protocol error in IMC and the action/task fails.

Has anyone done this before? Are there any articles/resources that go through correct setup for this process?


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Re: IMC and Cisco Firmware Updates


I don't have Cisco devices in my inventory. But I can recommend that you check what the default transfer option is. And that is not the same as how IMC should login to the device.

But if you go to Services -> Options. Then you can click on File Transfer tab and see what you're using. If you want to do it over SSH, you simply have to make sure that SCP or SFTP is set for the device. Also, you might need to set the file transfer method to SCP or SFTP on the device (atleast you need to do that with HPe devices).

Hope this helps you!