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IMC backup of MSM Controller

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IMC backup of MSM Controller



Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with backing up the configuration of an MSM controller team using IMC?


I'm currently runnning 5.1 with WSM and the latest patches (haven't upgraded to 5.2 yet).


I'm having issues where the configuration that is backed up using the auto backup plan is blank and just says "%unknown command"





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Re: IMC backup of MSM Controller

I've configured this with IMC 5.1 SP1, and it works OK for me (as long as your backup file isn't too big)


Can you get the latest imccfgbakdm*.log file (from <IMC>/server/conf/log), and paste the lines from around the time you ran a backup?


You may need to sanitise the output first, in case there's anything sensitive in there.


Also look in <IMC>/server/tmp - are there any temporary files there, from the time the backup was run?


Re: IMC backup of MSM Controller

i had the same problem. :) to fix this problem you have to use FTP option to backup installing FileZilla Server on your server.

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Re: IMC backup of MSM Controller

IMC v7 is installed on Windows Server 2008R2. I installed the latest copy of FileZilla server and can log in successfully from

a command line on my workstation. I set the home directory for my FTP user to the IMC server/tmp directory.


I have my MSM wireless controller added to IMC and the SNMP community is properly set--IMC grabbed a bunch of SNMP information from the controller. The transport mode for the controller is set to FTP.


When I run the backup from IMC, I receive an "SNMP operation error". In the details, there is a note that says "The device does not support the features".


I look at the FileZilla log and see that IMC logs in but never sends any data.


Any thoughts on what I have configured incorrectly?


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Re: IMC backup of MSM Controller

Quick thoughts on things I would be checking:

* Permissions for server/tmp - make sure that the user has write permissions

* SNMP - you need to ensure read-write is working as well as read. This is probably OK, since you're seeing the FTP login

* Firewalls - make sure you're allowing FTP Data connections as well as control.

* I'd probably run up Wireshark and take a quick look at the inbound FTP traffic from the MSM, see what it's trying to execute.