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IMC fresh Install - not connecting to local DataBase !!

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IMC fresh Install - not connecting to local DataBase !!

As many here in the forum I am having difficulties installing for the first time the IMC solution.

My envirorment: Vsphepere -  win 2012 server standard + IMC 7.3 standard + MSQL 2014 full version as trial(180days).

Just to make sure, other clients machine and the local machine( by management studio or osql -s -U sa -P 123456) are able to connect to my sql server using the default instance and sa as user account. I even create another sysadmin account and still have the same result.

the MSKBsC gave me a '"check Pass" so is not the cipher problem.

I followed both documentations:

HPE Intelligent Management Center SQL Server 2014 Installation and Configuration Guide

HP IMC Centralized Deployment Guide with Local Database

Start checking installation environments...

By envheck results:
Checking ports occupied...

Checking physical memory size...

Checking database installation...

Checking database connectivity...
Not Passed