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IMC hardware monitoring - traps recognized as warnings


IMC hardware monitoring - traps recognized as warnings

we have installed IMC 7.1 to monitor and administrate nearly 100 HP 54xx switches. The imc server is configured as a trap receiver within the switches and all traps are recognized from the imc and changed to an alarm.
The monitoring of our old nnm server shows failures like Power Supply as major alarms, but in imc all traps are marked as warning, even Power Supply failure. I tried to change the severity, but that only changed the severity of all traps sent from one type of switch.
Ist there any possibility to change the severity?


Re: IMC hardware monitoring - traps recognized as warnings

Hi Jan,


Same issue at my side.


All traps from procurves switches are at the same level of emergency ... as work around, I tried to filter traps on keyword as "chassis", "supply", ... and send email alert ... but no more chance ...

HP support is still looking for the "how to do it" :-(


Next idea is to use oid request and check the status of power supply, etc ... still need to try it.


You'll shurely agree with me ... it's completely creasy that such HP designed programm can't take care of ... HP switches and basics (but critical) hardware failures.


If you find a solution, i'll also be very interested in.