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IMC license error after restore

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IMC license error after restore

Hi Folks,


IMC v7.0 on a Windows 2012 VM, I recently attempted an upgrade to v7.1 that went badly. We restored the entire VM from a recent backup and IMC appears to be running OK, however, I am getting "invalid license" when I attempt to log in to the IMC console. When I attempt to activate the license with the license file I have, I notice the serial numbers are very different and needless to say, I get the "invalid license" message with error code 50904.


Is there a quick fix for this, or must I spend the next few hours working with Support to get this resolved?


Thank you.



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Re: IMC license error after restore

Based on some other reading, maybe here, perhpas this?


 - License tied to MAC address, so if your VM was restored with a different MAC that may explain it?


I've used VMware snapshots to backup and roll back successfully to the same VM. 


But not sure if I can help much beyond that. 

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Re: IMC license error after restore

I run my IMC in a HyperV guest. I needed to move it from one host to another, and did clone the MAC address as that works for other software that ties itself to the guest/host but unfortunately IMC licence goes a bit deeper using a hash in conjunction with the MAC. I found support through really good and my issue was solved within about an hour of logging it via the portal.


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Re: IMC license error after restore

Hi RichardP_LSI!

I am having the same problem, you tell me how did you solve?

Thank you.

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Re: IMC license error after restore

Same here: Invalid license.

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Re: IMC license error after restore

When you move to a new server the IMC serial is regenerated. Based on some inital questions, from support, I think it uses the MAC address as a hash, for the serial, but I have no proof.

See post

As as long as you have the old serial #, you can get it done through HPE support.


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Re: IMC license error after restore

NEW feature!

Now customers can transfer their IMC licenses without calling in to support. Instructions:

Let us know what you think!

Kind regards,