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IMC license error after restore

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IMC license error after restore

Hi Folks,


IMC v7.0 on a Windows 2012 VM, I recently attempted an upgrade to v7.1 that went badly. We restored the entire VM from a recent backup and IMC appears to be running OK, however, I am getting "invalid license" when I attempt to log in to the IMC console. When I attempt to activate the license with the license file I have, I notice the serial numbers are very different and needless to say, I get the "invalid license" message with error code 50904.


Is there a quick fix for this, or must I spend the next few hours working with Support to get this resolved?


Thank you.



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Re: IMC license error after restore

Based on some other reading, maybe here, perhpas this?


 - License tied to MAC address, so if your VM was restored with a different MAC that may explain it?


I've used VMware snapshots to backup and roll back successfully to the same VM. 


But not sure if I can help much beyond that. 

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Re: IMC license error after restore

I run my IMC in a HyperV guest. I needed to move it from one host to another, and did clone the MAC address as that works for other software that ties itself to the guest/host but unfortunately IMC licence goes a bit deeper using a hash in conjunction with the MAC. I found support through really good and my issue was solved within about an hour of logging it via the portal.


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Re: IMC license error after restore

Hi RichardP_LSI!

I am having the same problem, you tell me how did you solve?

Thank you.

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Re: IMC license error after restore

Same here: Invalid license.

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Re: IMC license error after restore

When you move to a new server the IMC serial is regenerated. Based on some inital questions, from support, I think it uses the MAC address as a hash, for the serial, but I have no proof.

See post

As as long as you have the old serial #, you can get it done through HPE support.


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Re: IMC license error after restore

NEW feature!

Now customers can transfer their IMC licenses without calling in to support. Instructions:

Let us know what you think!

Kind regards,

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Re: IMC license error after restore

What do you do if your SQL server crashed and you're rebuilding but you don't have access to the original license key? I started this job two weeks ago and this system was broken when I walked in the door. I have no idea where original information would be located. I am trying to re-install IMC on the same server its been on, so maybe that will help. I'm trying to to fix issues with the site not running on IIS and it cannot connect to the remote SQL server b/c those DB's don't exist since I rebuilt the SQL server from scratch, but I am hesitant to run the un-installer without having the license information. Is there another way to get the license #, I do have a login for the HPE support portal, but it doesn't seem to list anything involving IMC. Is there a way to re-run the SQL part of the setup without un-installing and re-installing?

edit: OKay, I found a key file that looks like an RSA security cert for a web server and is in a folder marked IMC. Would that be the key file?