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Re: IMC network drops

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IMC network drops

Recently we’ve been having random network drops in our environment. These drops happen periodically and will evenly go away. The drops are affecting 3 locations. We are running IMC 7.0 however IMC is not showing any alarms. Is there any way we can setup IMC to monitor for drops?

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Re: IMC network drops

IMC might be able to help. It depends:What exactly is happening when you have a "network drop" ? Are you seeing links flap? IGP/BGP state change? Or are you just seeing some remote sites become unreachable?

If you're monitoring devices at the remote sites, then if it's an extended outage, IMC should be reporting that those sites are unavailable. But this will depend a bit on your polling cycles, and the length of the outage - e.g. if it's a 2-second outage, you're almost certainly not going to see any IMC alarms, since it probably won't poll at that exact time, and if it does, it will retry if the first poll fails.
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Re: IMC network drops

For IMC it would be great to have the possibility to monitor layer 2 and layer 3 topologies (unicast, multicast, specific routing protocols, e.g. monitoring OSPF LSDB), spanning tree topologies, ...