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IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

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IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

So according to this graphic: snmpv3 components IMC (Standard Edition 7.3) obviously is the Manager and my 2920 switch agent is represented by Agent 6 in the graphic. I'm assuming that the get/set req/resp is considered an active session and the Agent --> Trap --> Trap Receiver is considered a passive connection.

My trouble is that I can, via Resource | Device View | choose anyOle2920 | open Configure from righ navigation tabs | Modify SNMP Settings, configure SNMPv3 settings on said 2920.  I am assuming that this takes care of the active connection settings between the switch and IMC verified by a successful test.  However when I click the Trap Destination tab with the IMC's IP and v3 settings I stop receiving traps in the trap browser. I feel like there is a Trap Receiver setting that I'm missing somewhere in IMC that IMC uses to listen for snmpv3 traps.  Perhaps the Trap Listener uses the Active connection settings - I don't know.

I'm looking for a gracious soul to provide me some basic troubleshooting steps to try and get snmpv3 traps to appear in IMC like v2 traps are so willing able to do.

Thanks in advance


Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

Hello Iskarha,

Please elaborate more on IMC is it some HPE monitoring s/w if yes? Please log a support case to troubleshoot further, as this need further investigation. If its a Non HPE product than, I am afraid as we are not aware of the architechure and won't be able to support further.



I am a HPE Employee
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Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps


I beg your pardon. Perhaps I don't understand the purpose of this forum, I thought it was an open forum for gaining support from the community.  Presently I don't understand your vetting questionnaire: I didn't know that IMC came in a "Non HPE" package and sorry I don't know what s/w means. Is this not an open forum for asking IMC questions?

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Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

I'm not sure what is the vendor of switch is 2920 that you mention. But when you add a device on IMC or autodiscover it, it doesn't automatically adjust the trap destionation automatically, instead you have to do it manually. 

IMC is a HPE Management, all the others switches (vendors) can be adjusted but are not fully supported on the system.

For receive traps on IMC using Cisco or Aruba devices, I always have to configure it on the switch side (what you called it "agent"). Even with all the configuration correct, the Trap Destination (TAB) on IMC, looks empty for others Vendors but HP.

For receive traps on IMC using a HPE (Commware) you can add it on the IMC (Trap Destination - TAB) or do it on the switch. These devices are fully compatible with that particular funtion on the IMC server.



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Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

Thank you Racowi, 2920 is an aruba model (J9272A) switch, I should have been more clear on that. 

So you are suggesting that I don't trust the Trap Destination code pushed by IMC to the switch and manually type in the config into the switch CLI?

I can do that, I actually did try the CLI method but quickly gave up in favor of letting IMC push the settings for me from the Trap Destination tab as the CLI cammands for snmp3 got pretty convoluted and confusing. I'll do some more reading and try to get my head around the snmpv3 CLI command set.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

I have 2910, predecessor switch to 2920 so I assume the commands are similar. You are correct that its confusing.

I'm not sure if the trap destination screen in IMC has all the parameters for setting up v3 traps compared to what the CLI has options for setting. 

This may be a shortcoming on the IMC development side or there may be some specifc way to get it to work.

I gave up and just used V1 traps even though I'm using V3 for set/get. I was less worried about trap security.

You may have to get a support session with HPE if no one else here has better information.

If you figure out the cli commands you can automate this in the Service/Configuration center by sending cli commands to target switches to save yourself logging in repeatedly, if the IMC trap UI can't handle it.

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Re: IMC not receiving snmpv3 traps

Thank you Neil,

I'm going to take your advice and use v3 for SET/GET and v2 for trap destination.

kind regards