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IMC pinging with a spoofed source IP?

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IMC pinging with a spoofed source IP?

My installation of IMC v7 is sitting on my lab network, which is separated from my production wired and wireless networks by a firewall. I have found some odd behavior coming from IMC--it is sending a ping to an IP address on a wired, production segment with a source IP address that is not its own.


The IP address of the IMC server is It is pinging through the fierewall to the WLAN controller (IP address Oddly enough, the firewall (and Wireshark) are seeing IMC send the pings to with the source IP address of No such IP address exists on the subnet.


Naturally, the firewall classifies this as an attack since it fits IP spoofing criteria. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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Re: IMC pinging with a spoofed source IP?

Go to System -> System Configuration -> System Settings.

Find "Enable Forged Ping Packets", and set it to No. Click OK.

It's used to try and improve discovery accuracy by making devices update their ARP caches. Problem is that firewalls typically block the spoofed addresses.