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IMC - "Critical" Alarms

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IMC - "Critical" Alarms

IMC Reports an "Critical" Alarm to - as it looks - nearly EVERYTHING.


F.E.  "Cold start on the device"   is, in my eyes, not an critical Alarm>
"Link loss" - because someone unplugged his laptop, is also not critical.



Is there a way i can reconfigure what to consider an critical alarm ?

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Re: IMC - "Critical" Alarms

OK. After a LONG search i finally found a solution on Youtube :)


Alarm - Trap Management - Filtering Traps




Create a New Filter and add All Switches to it and filter the Trap  "Link DOWN"

Then all Traps with "Link DOWN" will be filtered. 

Just be carefull when using it on a port that SHOULD be reported like the Uplink-Port of the Switch or an Port where a Server is connected.

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Re: IMC - "Critical" Alarms

Interface down alarms are Major by default, not critical. You probably don't want to filter all link-down alarms though. You probably want to change your system settings to filter alarms for access ports. 


Cold start is usually something people are worried about - unexpected device reboots are generally bad. If a device has a short reboot cycle, it's possible that the polling window will miss a short reboot. Cold start traps will alert you that something happened.


You can change the severity by going to Alarm -> Trap Management -> Trap Definition.


Search for the alarm you want, and change the severity. 



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Re: IMC - "Critical" Alarms

I would agree with Lindsay. 


It took me a bit to figure out the filtering and  severity level changes when I was still using IMC 5 but, once I spent the time to filter out the traps I didnt want to see and then set the traps I did want to see to the level that was more suited to what I wanted/needed it has worked great.