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IMC's New Data Center Topology View

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IMC's New Data Center Topology View

Has anyone else had any experice with the new 3D views in the Data Center Topology?  There is no reference on how to add new custom 3D images, and there is a lot of stuff/crap/objects in there that you just don't need in a network monitoring application.  All my old rack images are gone (the files are still in the directory, just not available through IMC.  Anyone have a clue on where to start?


plan (3).png

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Re: IMC's New Data Center Topology View

Yeah - just kind of appeared without much notice.


Got somewhat along with it. Not the most intuitive. Would be nice to use english units as well (inch, feet, degree F)


However the inability of imc updates to preserve my customizations is a bit frustrating. Its painful to redo them every time.