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IMC shifted system time


IMC shifted system time

How to change the system time (time zone) in the IMC, the time is shifted a few hours ago? Time traps and alarms do not match the system time.

All started at 1 time, but the modules euplat, jserver, seplat are started with an error time 

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Re: IMC shifted system time

looks like IMC uses the time zone set by the host system - I did not see any place to change it. I think the traps and syslog reflect the time zones on the imc server, as it would log the time the alarm is generated.

Syslog you would have to test to see if device w different time zone from server has a log entry  using server or device time. Mine match so I have not done this. But is

The start times in the IMC process monitor screen shot will reflect the re-start after a backup, if that's something you are doing. 

Is it possible that some modules are not selected for backup? Only thing I can figure on that.