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IMC support for Multiple NIC Interfaces

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IMC support for Multiple NIC Interfaces



 Does IMC(7.1)  provide support to be configured with  multiple NIC interfaces  to support following


for example


eth0  - for monitoring the infrastructure(Servers, Blade), which IMC is part of.

eth1 -   for  admins from external network to access the IMC  GUI, configured part of separate VLANs

eth2 -  for  sending alarms/data  to external monitoring applications(art of different network). allows external applications to query IMC details through  REST API etc.


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Re: IMC support for Multiple NIC Interfaces

Well...IMC will use the underlying OS routing table to decide which interface to send traffic out. So as long as you've got a clear routing setup, it should be OK. You won't be able to have overlapping addresses - e.g. switches in and UI clients in that same range.


I believe you can configure IMC to only listen on a specific IP address (as opposed to all). If you do that, you'll run into problems if you want to have user access on one IP, and API access on another. So you'll just have to listen on all ports, and firewall as required.