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IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

I've just upgraded to the latest versio of IMC 7.1


I see that there are ways to tie this into SCOM 2012 R2. however cannot find any infomation on doing this? Does anyone have a guide?

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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

@vDummy wrote:

I see that there are ways to tie this into SCOM 2012 R2.

Where did you see that?


I can see how integration could be done with SNMP traps, but I haven't seen any formal references to doing it.

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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

This was from the HP IMC webpage:

Leverage integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to manage servers. 


I gathered from this you could forward alarms? Forwarding of SNMP traps would be fine for what we are looking for as it appears that the switches we have are not certifed.


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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

It is also stated in the release notes:


Adds the function of collaborating with Microsoft SCOM and forwarding alarms in IMC to SCOM.



Anyone figured it out yet?


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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

I called HP to ask about this. According to the person I spoke to, no one had any idea at all what that release note meant. Has anyone else found out what it means? This would be a greatly needed feature that I could use as I have never figured out how to integrate IMC into SCOM.

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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2



I do not have any experience with SCOM nor the actual integration between SCOM and IMC, but I did find the file in the IMC installation folder:



This is the content of the readme inside the file:


Tool for Importing IMC Alarms to SCOM

1. Description
Use this tool to import IMC alarms of devices to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and view alarms in the visual dashboards of SCOM. The devices must be monitored by SCOM. The tool can filter IMC alarms by oIDs defined in the configuration file.

2. Usage
(1) Store the SCOM_WIN.exe program on the computer where SCOM is installed.
(2) Customize the configuration, see section 3.
(3) Make sure the SCOM service is running and double-click the SCOM_WIN.exe program. The program reads alarms pushed by IMC and imports IMC alarms to SCOM.
(4) Exit the program by clicking the X button at the upper right corner.

3. Customizing the configuration
(1) Click the configuration button and configure the following information:
Required configuration items:   IMC server IP,IMC server port number ,IMC server username, IMC server password.
Optional configuration items:   oIDs of alarms: OIDS.
(2) The IMC sever IP address, port number, username, and password must be consistent with settings of the IMC server.
(3) Use alarm oIDs to filter IMC alarms. The wildcard is represented by an asterisk (*). Empty oIDs are ignored.
(4) Restart the SCOM_WIN.exe program each time you modify the configuration file to make new settings take effect.

4. Viewing the operation results in SCOM
In the SCOM client, select Monitoring > All Event View to view the imported IMC alarms. To view details of an alarm, click the alarm entry.


I launched the SCOM_WIN.exe tool and it does show a configure button, but it does not look nice IMO, looks like a v1.


However, this can be a first step to start testing...


best regards,Peter


Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2

Hello there,


I installed / Configured iMC - SCOM plugin on the SCOM server.

And apparently, I can see in the plugin window that alarms are received from iMC and "successfully added" and "successfully inserted" as it is said ...


But I can't see any alarm in SCOM UI (I tried some tips I found on the web to add SNMP trap rules without success).


So does anybody successfully managed to view iMC event in SCOM using this integration plugin ?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: IMC to SCOM 2012 R2


has anyone being able to see those scom events generated by the hpe imc plugin?!

The plugin says that it recognized some kind of event or alert and it inserts it into scom but I do not see any scom event at all...

Anyone having any tips!?

Thanks in advance,